In January of 2012, the Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NS) and MGM Business Partners, Inc.combined resources in order to efficiently and effectively outsource the sale, risk management, and accounting pertaining to NS railroad salvage. Railshippers, Inc. was born. Railshippers provides turnkey solutions which commence upon formal rejection of lading and continue through final disposition and collection of payment.

Simplified Solutions

Beginning at formal rejection, Railshippers deftly assesses the value, forecasts and minimizes risks, and determines the appropriate resolutions for freight claim products. The experienced staff at Railshippers works methodically to manage all elements of transfer, shipment and payment for lading requiring disposition. This process is executed so capably that minimal time and resources are invested by the NS. Payment and accompanying information is sent to the NS electronically as soon as disposition is complete.

Published On: February 7th, 2024Categories: Subsidiaries